Viking Snake Braid Bracelet Course

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Welcome to the wonderful world of pewter thread jewelry!

Coiled metal thread has been used by many cultures over the centuries to adorn clothing and textiles. Some of the most fascinating objects demonstrating medieval craftsmanship have come from Viking burials of the 9th and 10th centuries in Sweden. As a valued trade item “tin thread” reached the northern Scandinavian Sámi nomadic culture during the 1600’s and became an intrinsic element of their clothing and leather goods. Reindeer are central to the Sámi culture and reindeer leather and antler are used in creating beautiful tin thread embroidery on traditional clothing. This craft has also evolved into the creation of a distinctive jewelry style. This jewelry is “Sámi inspired” because of the unique combination of reindeer materials and tin thread.

This course supplies you with everything that you need to make this incredible Viking Snake Braid bracelet. A kit will be sent to you by mail and the video course will be available right away. This has been one of my favorite classes to teach and I am excited to share it with you. The course is approximately 2.5 hours of video content shot in 4k for clear close-ups of all the steps.

Introduction The Secrets Of The Viking Snake Braid Mastering Measuring And Attaching The Braid Like A Pro Bringing It All Together! Button, Loop, And Closing The Back
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